Williams Christina

Christina Anaya, Ph.D. student.

Major advisor: Matt Bolek.

Parasitology, Nutritional Ecology, Evolution of Host-Parasite Interactions.


M.S. 2014, California Polytechnic State University.

Email: christina.williams10@okstate.edu

website: https://christinawilliams18.wix.com/hairwormproject 

Specific Interests

My research uses Nematomorphs and Orthopterans to investigate questions related to host-parasite interactions. My Master’s research examined the nutritional ecology of a host-parasite system including how crickets allocate energy when infected with hairworms. Specifically, how much energy is diverted away from cricket reproduction and allocated to hairworm development. My current research will expand on those findings by examining the physiological mechanisms that drive the changes within the parasitized cricket using an integrative approach that utilizes ecology, physiology, and evolution.