Allison Thompson, M.S. student

Major advisor: Loren Smith

Depressional Wetlands, Playas, Prairie Potholes, Ecosystem Services, GIS, Remote Sensing

B.S. 2014, Southeastern Oklahoma State University



Specific Interests
I am interested in the ecology of naturally occurring wetlands and prairie ecosystems. My research focuses on observing ecosystem services provided by depressional wetlands in the great plains. The two wetland types I am focused on are playa wetlands, which exist from the southern high plains into Nebraska, and the Prairie Potholes, which are located in the northern glaciated plains of Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas and Montana. GIS and remote sensing are utilized to gather information on most, if not all, ecosystem services provided by these wetlands. I am exploring methods that could be implemented to inventory and monitor the quality of these wetlands for future conservation decisions.