Jillian Dara Wormington, Ph.D. student.

Major advisor: Barney Luttbeg.

Intersexual differences; sexual conflict and cooperation; evolution of parental care; non-genetic inheritance.


M.S., Illinois State University.

Email: jillianwormington@gmail.com

Specific Interests

I use insects as model systems to investigate questions related to life history evolution. More specifically, my master’s research focused on the ultimate and proximate drivers of intersexual differences, and their behavioral causes and consequences. My current research aims involve sperm competition and the evolution of parental care in Nicrophorus beetles.



  • Wormington JD, Juliano SA. In Review. Hunger-dependent and Sex-specific Antipredator Behavior of Larvae of a Size-dimorphic Mosquito. Animal Behaviour.
  • Wormington, JD, Juliano SA. In Prep. Vive la Difference: What drives intrasexual differences in size and development time? Planned submission to Evolutionary Ecology, December 2013.