Monica Papeş


Monica Papeş, Assistant Professor

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Ecology, Conservation Biology


Ph.D., 2009, University of Kansas

Phone: 405-744-6941



Specific Interests

I am interested in the interplay between species’ environmental and spatial occurrence patterns, and how such interaction are manifested in species’ distributions in the context of current and future climates under increasing anthropogenic influences. My research covers both theoretical and applied aspects of these questions of distributional biology, including issues such as remote sensing applications to mapping biodiversity, predicting areas at risk of invasive species, conservation of data-deficient species, and seasonal variation of species’ distributions.

The main drivers of my current research are: 1) to understand distributional patterns for individual species across broad spatial scales, using empirical ecological niche modeling tools, and 2) to derive local-scale ecological models that take into account seasonal variation of vegetation and its effects on animal distributions.


Recent Publications

  • Papeş, M., F. Cuzin, and P. Gaubert. 2015. Niche dynamics in the European ranges of two African carnivores reflect their dispersal and demographic histories. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 114:737-751
  • Palacios Gonzáles, M., E. Bonaccorso, and M. Papeş. 2015. Applications of geographic information systems and remote sensing techniques to conservation of amphibians in northwestern Ecuador. Global Ecology and Conservation 3:562-574.
  • Feng, X. and M. Papeş. 2014. Ecological niche modelling confirms potential northeast range expansion of the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). Journal of Biogeography 42:803-807.
  • Harris, A.J., M. Papeş, Y. Gao, and L. Watson. 2014. Estimating paleoenvironments using ecological niche models of nearest living relatives: a case study of Eocene Aesculus L. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 52:16-34.
  • Papeş, M., R. Tupayachi, P. Martínez, A.T. Peterson, G.P. Asner, and G.V.N. Powell. 2013. Seasonal variation in spectral signatures of five genera of rainforest trees. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (JSTARS) 6:339-350.
  • Bartrons, M., M. Papeş, M. Diebel, C. Gratton, and M.J. Vander Zanden. 2013. Regional-level inputs of emergent aquatic insects from water to land. Ecosystems 16:1353-1363.
  • Papeş, M., A.T. Peterson, and G.V.N. Powell. 2012. Vegetation dynamics and avian seasonal migration: clues from remotely sensed vegetation indices and ecological niche modelling. Journal of Biogeography 39:652-664.
  • Lee, D.N., M. Papeş, and R.A. Van Den Bussche. 2012. Present and potential future distribution of common vampire bats in the Americas and the associated risk to cattle. PLoS ONE 7:e42466.
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