Freshman research scholars

Four Freshman Research Scholars (FRS) are currently mentored by Zoology faculty members and were among the 22 FRSs that presented their work at the FRS Colloquium. Ashley Lonetree (Psychology, mentor: Dr. Jason Beldon) and Lauren Foley (Zoology/Spanish, mentor: Dr. Alex Ophir) were awarded honorable mention for their work. There were a total of 3 HMs and one overall best presentation. The other two FRSs were Jennifer Fulenchek (Biochemistry, mentor: Dr. Jennifer Grindstaff) and Josh Mathis (mentor: Dr. Don French). Congratulations to all FRSs for their participation in this program!


laurenfoley jenniferfulenchek ashll
Lauren Foley is a double major (Zoology and Psychology) and has been conducting research on how social recognition is important to promote monogamy and social bonding as a part of her FRS project. She will continue this work as a Wentz Research scholar in the Fall. Jennifer Fulenchek presented a poster entitled "The effects of maternal vaccination prior to egg laying on zebra finch offspring". Her project addressed how a maternal immune challenge impacts a secondary sexual character in offspring by studying the rate of development of the orange bill in juvenile zebra finches. Zebra finches hatch with a black, melanin-based bill and as they mature, the color of the bill slowly changes to a red-orange, carotenoid-based color. Ashley Lonetree is currently a Psychology major and has interests in Zoology and Chemistry.  She has been conducting research on the reproductive effects of potential endocrine disruptors on Daphnia magna.