Justin Lack


Justin Lack, Ph.D. student.

Major advisor: Ronald A. Van Den Bussche.

Bat evolution, Evolution and Genetics of Invasive Species, Genomics, Population Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics.


M.S. 2007, University of Central Oklahoma

Phone: 405-744-5555

Email: justin.lack@okstate.edu

Specific Interests

My research uses phylogenetics and population genetics to investigate the evolution of vespertilionid bats, the second most speciose mammlian family. Also, I am using population genetics to investigate the colonization history and dispersal of invasive Rattus rattus and Rattus norvegicus in North America. I am also interested in stoichiogenomics, and am using available genome sequences to investigate the effect of nutrient supply (i.e., nitrogen) on the evolution of plant genomes, focusing specifically on synonymous codon usage.


Selected publications

  • Lack, J. B., and R. A. Van Den Bussche. In Press. Identifying the confounding factors in resolving phylogenetic relationships in Vespertilionidae. Journal of Mammalogy.
  • Lack, J. B., R. Pfau, and G. M. Wilson. 2010. A dynamic demographic history and incomplete lineage sorting obscure population genetic structure of the Texas mouse (Peromyscus attwateri). Journal of Mammalogy 91:314-325.
  • Lack, J. B., Z. P. Roehrs, C. E. Stanley, Jr., M. Ruedi, and R. A. Van Den Bussche. 2010. Molecular phylogenetics of Myotis suggest familial-level divergence for the genus Cistugo (Chiroptera). Journal of Mammalogy 91:976-992.
  • Lack, J. B. and R. A. Van Den Bussche. 2009. A relaxed molecular clock places an evolutionary timescale on the origins of North American big-eared bats (Vespertilionidae: Corynorhinus). Acta Chiropterologica 11:15-23.