Lynne Beaty


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Lynne Beaty, Ph.D. student.

Major advisor: Barney Luttbeg.

Behavioral Ecology, Predator-Prey Interactions, Individual Variation.


M.S., 2012, Texas Tech University.
B.S., 2010, SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry.


Specific Interests

Broadly, I am interested in the mechanisms underlying consistent individual variation and the role that individual variation plays in community dynamics, particularly with respect to predator-prey interactions. I am currently examining the function of experience in generating and maintaining individual variation by looking at the influences of larval environment on post-metamorphic behavior in anurans (i.e., behavioral carry-over effects). My research utilizes laboratory experiments to explore the effect of larval predation risk and conspecific competition on the behavior of juvenile and adult cricket frogs.