Ana Chicas-Mosier

Ana Chicas-Mosier, PhD student

Major advisor: Charles Abramson

Behavioral Ecology, Neurophysiology, Learning

B.S 2015 Biology, Oklahoma State University

B.S 2015 Psychology, Oklahoma State University




Specific Interests

I am interested in how metal contamination affects behavior and learning of organisms. Specifically, I study the effects of contaminated food resources on honey bees. The effects of metal contamination on invertebrate neurochemistry and behavior may have implications for human disease development.



  • Chicas-Mosier, A. M., & Abramson, C. I. (2015). A new instrumental/operant conditioning technique suitable for inquiry-based activities in courses on experimental psychology, learning, and comparative psychology using planaria (Dugesia dorotocephala and Dugesia tigrina). Innovative Teaching, 4(1), Article 6. doi:10.2466/09.IT.4.6
  • Giray, T., Abramson, C. I., Chicas-Mosier, A, Brewster T., Hayes, C., Rivera-Vega, K., Williams, M., Wells, H., (2015). Effect of octopamine manipulation on honeybee decisions making: reward and cost differences associated with foraging. Animal Behaviour, 100 (144-150).
  • Abramson C.I., Curb L.A., Chicas-Mosier, A. (2013). Recruiting for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines: perspectives of Black and Hispanic entomologists. Comprehensive Psychology, 2(1). doi: 10.2466/11.17.CP.2.4.