Research and Education

{besps_c}0|1_alligatorsnapper.jpg|An integrative approach to organismal biology|By integrating across levels of analysis from genes to ecosystems, what can we learn about organisms and their environments? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|2_student.jpg|Integrating research and education|How can we better advance scientific inquiry and educate future scientists? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|3_Lake_fullbright.jpg|Environmental stress and toxicology|What are the effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors on ecology and evolution? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|3_pod.jpg|Anatomy and physiology|What are the proximate and ultimate drivers of organismal anatomy and physiology? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|4_brain2.jpg|From brains to behavioral ecology|What are the mechanisms that govern animal behavior? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|5_parasite.jpg|Ecological interactions|How do organisms interact with each other and with their environment? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|7_ecosystem2.jpg|Ecosystems and conservation|How do ecosystem processes inform conservation biology? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|6_pollinator.jpg|Evolution and biodiversity|How do evolutionary mechanisms shape biodiversity in natural environments? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|6_cells.jpg|Evolutionary genetics and speciation|What mechanisms underlie the origin of species? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|8_microarray.jpg|Molecular genetics and genomics|What can molecular, genetic, and genomic tools reveal about ecology and evolution? {/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|9_blackwidow.jpg|Predator-Prey Interactions|How do different prey vary in quality for predators?{/besps_c}

The Department of Integrative Biology strives for excellence in basic and applied research and instruction in the broad, comprehensive field of integrative biology.  The department currently has 24 regular faculty members, numerous active adjuncts and emeritus members, 670 undergraduates in the biology (including pre-healthcare and environmental biology options), zoology (with pre-med, ecology/conservation, and pre-vet options), and physiology majors (with a pre-med option), and over 70 graduate students. Please visit our news section for recent developments in our department, and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information.