Kristen A. Baum, Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Conservation Biology, Invertebrate Ecology, Landscape Ecology

Ph.D., 2003, Texas A&M University


Lab website

Specific Interests

My general interests center on ecology and conservation issues. More specifically, I am interested in questions related to habitat fragmentation, landscape structure, and animal movement patterns. My research encompasses both applied and theoretical aspects of ecology, which I address using a variety of different study organisms and a variety of different approaches. My research on habitat fragmentation has focused on issues related to landscape structure and animal movement patterns, such as the impact of corridors and edges on butterfly densities, the effect of the matrix on the functionality of corridors and stepping stones for planthoppers, and translocation strategies for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.


Selected Publicationns

  • Polito, V.J., K.A. Baum, M.E. Payton, S.E. Little, S.D. Fuhlendorf, and M.V. Reichard. 2013. Effects of patch burning on tick abundance and levels of infestation on cattle. Rangeland Ecology and Management 66: 545-552.
  • Mueller, E.K., K.A. Baum, M. PapeĊŸ, L.A. Cohn, A.K. Cowell, and M.V. Reichard. 2013. Potential ecological distribution of Cytauxzoon felis in domestic cats in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. Veterinary Parasitology 192: 104-110.
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