Uriel A. Buitrago-Suarez, Teaching Assistant Professor.

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Email: urielab@okstate.edu

Specific Interests

Although my appointment with the Department is teaching, I do some research with neotorpical fishes. I have refocused my interest in pedagogical issues in the Colombian Amazonia. My research in fishes includes natural history of targeted species of the group Astroblepidae from the Andean Cordilleras in Colombia. With on going projects, such as estimating the intraspecific variation in Astroblepus mariae, a species that dwells the headwaters of Rio Meta, tributary of the grand Rio Orinoco, and sex allocation in Pseudoplatystoma magdaleniatum, from the Magdalena River, Northcentral part of Colombia. I am also interested in phylobiogeography and evolution of catfishes from the neotropics.


Selected Publications

  • Chaves, N., J.I. Mojica, U. Buitrago, M. Valderrama, and F. Gómez. Pigmentation and size variability in the striped catfish Pseudoplatystoma magdaleniatum Siluriformes (Pimelodidae) in the Magdalena basin of Colombia (In prep.)
  • Buitrago-Suarez, U.A., M.L. Martinez, and F. Medellin. Morphological variation of Astroblepus mariae. (In Revision)
  • Buitrago-Suarez, U.A., L. Bonneau, and J.I. Mojica. 2015. Habitat perturbation and survival strategies of the Andean catfish Astroblepus mariae (Fowler, 1919). Academia de Ciencias Fisicas y Exactas, Bogota Colombia. 39(150):36-41.
  • Buitrago-Suarez, U.A., and B.M. Burr. 2007. Systematic revision of the Neotropical catfish genus Pseudoplatystoma (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae) with recognition of eight species. Zootaxa 1512:1-38.
  • Buitrago-Suarez, U.A. 2006. Anatomía comparada y evolución de las especies de Pseudoplatystoma Bleeker 1762. Rev. Acad. Col. Cien. Nat. Fis. 30(114):117-141.
  • Schaefer, S., U.A. Buitrago-Suarez. 2002. Skin morphology of the catfish genus Astroblepus. J. Morphol. 254:139-148.
  • Littmann, M., B.M. Burr, and U.A. Buitrago-Suarez. 2001. A new cryptic species of Sorubim Cuvier (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae) from the upper and middle Amazon basin. Proc. Acad. Sci. Phi. 151:87-93.
  • Buitrago-Suarez, U.A., and G. Galvis. 1997. Description of some accessory structures of the urogenital system in the neotropical family Astroblepidae (Pisces, Siluroidei). Rev. Acad. Col. Cien. Exac. Fis. Nat. 21(80)
  • Buitrago-Suarez, U.A. 1997. Catalogue of the species of Astroblepus from Museo de La Salle (MLS). Rev. Cien. y Tec. U. de la Salle. Vol. 2.
  • Galvis, G., J.I. Mojica, M. Camargo, and U.A. Buitrago-Suarez (illustrator). 1997. Peces del Rio Catatumbo. Asociacion Cravo Norte. Edited by Ecopetrol-Oxy-Shell.