Bo Zhang, Assistant Professor

Plant Ecology, Theoretical Ecology, Movement Ecology, Biological Invasion

Ph.D., 2017, University of Miami

Office: LSW 425/426


Lab website:

Specific Interests

My research is interested in understanding and predicting how global changes and anthropogenic disturbances affect ecological dynamics at regional and global scales via scaling up individual behaviors and interactions between organisms and environments. We use a wide range of approaches, including long-term field data, greenhouse/laboratory experiments, and mathematical modeling. Two specific themes will be addressed in the lab: 1) How do climate and anthropogenic factors drive biological invasions? and 2) How does modeling movement project ecological dynamics at large scales?


Selected Publications

  • Zhang, B., Y. Yuan, L. Shu, E. Grosholz, Y. Guo, A. Hastings, J.P. Cuda, J. Zhang, L. Zhai, J. Qiu. 2021. Scaling up experimental stress responses of grass invasion to predictions of continental-level range suitability. Ecology e03417.
  • Zhang, B., D. DeAngelis, W. Ni. 2021. Carrying capacity of spatially distributed metapopulations. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 36:164-173.
  • Zhang, B., D. L. DeAngelis, W. Ni, Y. Wang, L. Zhai, A. Kula, S. Xu, J. D.Van Dyken. 2020. Effect of stressors on the carrying capacity of spatially-distributed metapopulations. American Naturalist 196:E46–E60.
  • Zhang, B., and D. L. DeAngelis. 2020. An overview of Agent-Based Models in plant ecology. Annals of Botany 126(4):539–557.
  • Zhang, B., A. Kula, K.M.L. Mack, L. Zhai, A.L. Ryce1*, W. Ni, D.L. DeAngelis, J. D. Van Dyken. 2017. Carrying capacity in a heterogeneous environment with habitat connection. Ecology Letters 20:1118-1128.