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Polly Campbell, Assistant Professor

Speciation, genetics, behavior


Ph.D., 2006, Boston University

Email: polly.campbell@okstate.edu

Phone: 405-744-1715

Lab Website

Specific Interests

My lab studies the process of speciation, from population differentiation to interactions between closely related species. We are particularly interested in the evolution and genetic basis of barriers to gene flow between young and incipient species. Because these barriers can be extrinsic (ecological, behavioral) or intrinsic (genetic incompatibilities), this research program encompasses a broad range of topics, from mate choice and species recognition, to reproductive biology and hybrid sterility. We use a variety of techniques, including quantitative and regular PCR, next generation sequencing, immunocytochemistry, and behavioral and hormonal assays. Most work is on rodents; current projects involve house mice and their wild relatives – a wonderfully tractable system for speciation, behavioral genetics, and more!

Selected Publications

  • Shipley, R.J., P. Campbell, J. Searle and B. Pasch (2016) Asymmetric energetic costs in reciprocal cross hybrids between carnivorous mice (Onychomys). Journal of Experimental Biology, 219, 3803-3809.
  • Mack, K.L., P. Campbell and M.W. Nachman (2016) Gene regulation and speciation in house mice. Genome Research, 26, 451-461.
  • Lüke, L., P. Campbell, M.V. Sanchez, M.W. Nachman and E.R.S. Roldan (2014) Sexual selection on protamine and transition nuclear protein expression in mouse species. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 281, DOI:10.1098/rspb.2013.3359.
  • Campbell, P. and M.W. Nachman (2014) X-Y interactions underlie sperm head abnormality in hybrid male house mice. Genetics, 196, 1231-1240.
  • Campbell, P., J.M. Good and M.W. Nachman (2013) Meiotic sex chromosome inactivation is disrupted in sterile hybrid male house mice. Genetics, 193, 819-828.
  • Campbell, P., J.M. Good, M.D. Dean, P.K. Tucker and M.W. Nachman (2012) The contribution of the Y chromosome to hybrid male sterility in house mice. Genetics, 191, 1271-1281.
  • Campbell, P., B. Pasch, J.L. Pino, O.L. Crino, M. Phillips and S.M. Phelps (2010) Geographic variation in the songs of Neotropical singing mice: testing the relative importance of drift and local adaptation. Evolution, 64, 1955-1972.
  • Campbell, P., A.G. Ophir and S.M. Phelps (2009) Central vasopressin and oxytocin receptor distributions in two species of singing mice. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 516, 321-333.
  • Campbell, P., R.L. Reep, M.L. Stoll, A.G. Ophir and S.M. Phelps (2009) Conservation and diversity of Foxp2 expression in muroid rodents: Functional implications. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 512, 84-100.
  • Ophir, A.G., P. Campbell, K. Hanna and S.M. Phelps (2008) Field tests of cis-regulatory variation at the prairie vole avpr1a locus: association with V1aR abundance but not sexual or social fidelity. Hormones and Behavior, 54, 694-702.