Sarah Elzay, Ph.D. student

Major advisor: Kristen Baum

Native bees, plant-pollinator mutualisms, landscape ecology, climate change

B.A. 2009, Johns Hopkins University.

M.S. 2015, University of Wyoming.



Specific Interests
Currently, I am researching native bees in central Oklahoma and the effects of canola (Brassica napus) on native bee abundance and diversity. I have previously studied the effects of wind farm developments on native bees, landscape characteristics and floral resources as predictors of native bee abundance and diversity, and pollen limitation in wildflowers of the northern Rockies as a predictor of a potential phenological mismatch as a result of climate change. Long-term, I am interested in understanding how landscape characteristics and floral resources predict native bee abundance and diversity and exploring the potential phenological mismatches between native bees and flowering plants caused by climate change.