Eric Duell, Ph. D. candidate

Co-advisors: Kristen Baum and Gail Wilson (NREM)

Interests: Plant-soil interactions; grassland ecology; mycorrhizal fungi; invasive plant ecology

M.S. 2015, Oklahoma State University

Specific Interests

My broad research interests focus on the interactions between plants, soils, and their associated microbial communities. Specifically, I study the relationship between grassland plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. These soil mutualists can be found across the globe and are essential to most plants in regards to nutrient acquisition. My current research focuses on the relationship between milkweeds and AM fungi, including the evolution of this relationship and the impact of drought on this symbiosis.



Cobb AB, Duell EB, Haase KB, Miller RM, Wu YQ, Wilson GWT (2021) Selective breeding can improve agricultural sustainability via enhanced mycorrhizal growth responses. Plants, People, Planet (accepted).

Duell EB, Londe DW, Wilson GWT, Hickman KR, Greer MJ (2021) Superior performance of invasive grasses over native counterparts will remain problematic under warmer and drier conditions. Plant Ecology (accepted).

Duell EB, Hickman KR (2019) Sexual reproduction of kudzu [Pueraria montana (Lour.) Merr.] in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Native Plant Record 19: 52–57.

Duell EB, Zaiger K, Bever JD, Wilson GWT (2019) Climate affects plant-soil feedbacks of native and invasive grasses: Negative feedbacks in stable but not variable environments. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7: 419–429.

Duell EB, Wilson GWT, Hickman KR (2016) Above- and below-ground responses of native and invasive prairie grasses to future climate scenarios. Botany 94: 471–479.