Ryan Shannon, Ph.D. student

Major advisor: Matt Bolek

Parasitology, Blood Protozoa, Parasite Life Cycles

B.S. 2013, Oklahoma State University

Email: shannrp@okstate.edu


Specific Interests
I am interested in the protozoan parasites of the vertebrate circulatory system, specifically the distribution, host specificity, and life cycles of amphibian blood protozoa. Currently for my MS degree, I am surveying amphibian hosts and potential vectors for blood protozoa, and I hope to gain insight into how blood protozoa are distributed and transmitted throughout communities of amphibians.


Bolek, MG, E Rogers, C Szmygiel, RP Shannon, WE Doerfert-Schrader, A Schmidt-Rhaesa, and B Hanelt. 2013. Survival of larval cyst stages of gordiids (Nematomorpha) after exposure to freezing. Journal of Parasitology, 99: 397-402.