Jay Walton, Ph.D. student

Major advisor: Matt Lovern

Animal behavior, sexual selection, Anolis

B.S. 2015, Central Michigan University

Email: jay.walton10@okstate.edu


Specific Interests
As an undergraduate at Central Michigan University, I worked under Dr. Kirsten Nicholson, working on the biogeography of the anole genus Norops. In my research, I use reptiles to answer questions on ecology, evolution, and sexual selection. While I have a broad range of research interests, my current research in the Lovern lab focuses on population ecology of the green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis). Specifically, I'm interested in what factors may cause individuals to disperse, as well as the effects of invasive species on dispersal patterns. My other interests include sexual selection, speciation, habitat use, and systematics..