Angela Riley, Ph.D. student

Major advisor: Jen Grindstaff

Stress physiology, paternal effects, ornithology

B.S. 2016, Arizona State University


Specific Interests

I am interested in what role physical contact between parents and offspring plays in producing stable individuals. As resources grow sparser due to anthropogenic habitat alteration and climate change, the time that parents are able to spend with offspring may decline. In biparental avian models, I am exploring this idea through the use of paternal deprivation studies.



  • Telemeco, R. S., Fletcher, B., Levy, O., Riley, A., Rodriguez‐Sanchez, Y., Smith, C., ... & Buckley, L. B. (2017). Lizards fail to plastically adjust nesting behavior or thermal tolerance as needed to buffer populations from climate warming. Global Change Biology, 23(3), 1075-1084.