Jonathan Harris, Post-doctoral researcher

Major advisor: Scott McMurry

Landscape Ecology, Quantitative Ecology, Predator-Prey Interactions

Ph.D. 2020, M.S. 2015, Oklahoma State University



Specific Interests
My current research focuses on life-history characteristics of Gray Vireos in New Mexico. Specifically, I'm interested in developing multi-scale models of brood parasitism risk by overlapping the spatial area of Gray Vireo nest-site selection and Brown-headed Cowbird habitat selection. Additionally, I would like to develop predictive models of Gray Vireo carrying capacity as a function of resource availability and territoriality.


  • Harris, J.P. and T.J. O’Connell. In Prep. Quantifying and characterizing areas of predation risk for nesting bobwhite.
  • Harris, J.P. and T.J. O’Connell. In Prep. Apparent rates of depredation on artificial nests as a function of small mammal prey availability.
  • Keller, G.S., M.F.E. Penson, A.B. Free, B.J. Padilla, W.J. Fenton, E.S. Lindemann, and J.P. Harris. In Review. Effects of landscape and vegetation on abundance and behaviour of non-migratory wintering birds in northeastern Massachusetts.
  • Lindemann, E. S., J. P. Harris, and G. S. Keller. 2015. Effects of vegetation, landscape composition, and edge habitat on small-mammal communities in northern Massachusetts. Northeastern Naturalist 22: 287-298.