Binod Chapagain, Postdoctoral Fellow

Natura resource economics, human dimensions of natural resources, outdoor recreation

Ph.D., 2018, University of Tennessee


Phone: (405) 744-6505

Office: LSW 110

Specific Interests

I am interested in understanding how stakeholders in natural resources conservation behave and make decisions regarding resource management, characterizing the benefits of public land management, and welfare implications of conservation practices. I have been involved in a wide range of research related to social and economic issues in natural resource management. My past works include valuing ecosystem benefits from land conservation, identifying factors affecting outdoor recreation demand, characterizing economic benefits of recreational opportunities in public land, and assessing landowner’s perspective of wood-based bioenergy. My current postdoctoral project involves assessment of economic tradeoffs of conservation practices and effect of such practices on providing ecosystem services in the High Plains Region.


Selected Publications

  • Chapagain, B.P., J. Long, and A. Taylor, and Joshi O. 2020. Variation in black bass angler characteristics by stream size and accessibility in Oklahoma’s Ozark Highland streams. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.
  • Chapagain, B.P., Poudyal, N.C., Cristina, W. 2020. A travel cost analysis of elk viewing opportunity generated from an elk reintroduction project in Tennessee. Human Dimensions of Wildlife.
  • Chapagain B.P., Poudyal, N.C. 2020. Economic benefit of wildlife reintroduction: A case of elk hunting in Tennessee, USA. Journal of Environmental Management. 269, 110808.
  • Chapagain B.P., Poudyal, N.C, Joshi, O., Watkins, C., Applegate, R. 2020. Seasonal and Regional Differences in Economic benefits of Turkey Hunting. Wildlife Society Bulletin.
  • Chapagain, B., Wagner, K., Joshi, O., Eck, C. 2020. Perceived importance of water issues and factors affecting learning opportunities in Oklahoma. Water.
  • Joshi, O, Chapagain, B., Kharel, G., Poudyal, N., Murray, B., Mehmood, S. Benefits and challenges of online instruction in agriculture and natural resource education. Interactive Learning Environments.
  • Hodges, D.G., Chapagain, B.P., Watcharaanantapong, P., Poudyal, N. C., Kline, K. L., Dale, V., H, 2019. Opportunities and attitudes of private forest landowners in supplying woody biomass for renewable energy. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 113, 109205.
  • Eck, C.J., Wagner, K., Chapagain, B., Joshi, O. 2019. A survey of perceptions and attitudes about water issues in Oklahoma: A comparative study. Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education. 168, 66-77.
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  • Chapagain B.P., Poudyal, N.C., Bowker, J.M., Askew, A.E., English, D.B.K., Hodges, D.G, 2018. Effect of climate on the demand and value of downhill skiing and snowboarding on U.S. National Forests. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. 26(2), 118-139.