The Department of Integrative Biology values its graduate students and their excellent accomplishments. In order to recognize the graduate students and their efforts, the Department offers several awards that acknowledge excellence not only in research but also overall academic performance and teaching. It is a remarkable honor to receive one or more of these six awards listed below while completing your tenure as a graduate student in the Department of Integrative Biology:

These awards are given based upon academic record and research and teaching experience, each of which is valued in a graduate student. Several of these awards are research-specific, allowing students to be awarded grants to further their thesis or dissertation project. The Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award and the Outstanding M.S. Student Award are by faculty nomination only, the others are by nomination or student application. Each year, the competition is announced in January with deadlines in February. Winners are announced at the Annual Integrative Biology Awards Banquet later in the Spring of each semester. A student can win more than one award during his/her tenure at Oklahoma State University and can win even the same award more than once (although this is not common), except for the Outstanding Graduate Student Awards, which can be won only once at each level. An overview of the awards and information regarding the criteria for selection are available from the Graduate Coordinator or on this comprehensive flier.