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The purpose of the Zoology Graduate Student Society (ZoGSS) is to serve as the representative organization and voice of the graduate student body of the Department of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University. We strive to provide opportunities for professional development as well as social activities for the graduate students in the Department of Integrative Biology.

Every academic year we aim to have:

  • A lunchtime seminar series that provides graduate students with the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their work in an informal setting.
  • A series of workshops that provides graduate students opportunities to both communicate and obtain a range of skills applicable to research, teaching, and home.
  • Outreach and volunteer opportunities that allow graduate students to help within the community and practice science communication skills.
  • Offer annual awards for outstanding MS and PhD students as well as travel awards for presenting at conferences.
  • Annual fundraisers that help support outreach events, workshops, and provide awards.


Current ZoGSS officers

President: Olivia Aguiar

Vice president: Ethan Strange

Secretary: Negin Nazari

Treasurer: Himidu Pitigala


Contacts and further information

Interested in presenting at the lunchtime seminar? Contact the lunchtime seminar coordinator or sign-up here.

Ideas for future workshops? Let the workshop committee know!

Ideas for outreach events? Let the outreach committee know!


Monthly newsletters

Current - May 2023



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