Teaching Assistant Professor
Behavioral Ecology, Social Experience, Reproductive Choice, Predator-Prey Interactions

Professor, Associate Dean for Research
Conservation Biology, Invertebrate Ecology, Landscape Ecology

Associate Professor
Parasite Ecology, Evolutionary Parasitology, Aquatic Parasitology

Teaching Assistant Professor
Invasive species, Biological Interactions, Amphibians, Habitat Fragmentation

Associate Professor
Aquatic Ecology, Invasive Species, Zooplankton Community Structure, Reservoir Ecology

Associate Professor
Ecology, Evolution, Limnology, Biogeochemistry

Associate Professor
Behavioral Ecology, Theoretical Ecology, Predator-prey Interactions, Mate Choice, Plasticity

Regents Professor
Environmental Stressors, Wildlife Toxicology, Animal Behavior

Assistant Professor
Macroevolution, Phylogenetic Comparative Biology, Functional Morphology and Biomechanics, Herpetology

Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Biology, Disease Ecology, Evolution

Associate Professor
Nutritional Ecology, Carnivore Biology, Food Webs

Assistant Professor (Jan. 2021)
Eco-Evolutionary, Speciation, and Landscape Genomics, Adaptive Radiations