Curators are faculty members in the Department of Zoology or Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management and who also teach and conduct research. To see teaching and research interests for curators click on their names below. Staff also includes a Collection Manager for Birds, Mammals, and Frozen Tissues and a Collection Manager for Fishes, Amphibians, and Reptiles. Students enrolled in ZOOL 4700 learn curatorial practices and assist in preparation and curation of specimens in the collection.

For general information please call (405) 714-9680 or email us at


Mailing Address
Collection of Vertebrates
Department of Integrative Biology
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078


Contact Information for Collections

Interim Curator of Vertebrates

Dr. Daniel Moen (ph. 405-744-6815;



Dr. Anthony A. Echelle (ph. 405-744-9681;



Dr. Stanley F. Fox (ph. 405-744-9682;



Dr. Craig A. Davis (ph. 405-744-6859;



Dr. Karen McBee (ph. 405-744-9680;


Frozen tissues

Dr. Ronald A. Van Den Bussche (ph. 405-744-8708;


Collection Managers

Sarah Hileman (

Justin Agan (