Under the direction of Dr. Belden, the laboratory performs custom analysis of organic contaminants including:

  • Pesticides, trace level in water, soil, sediment, and biota
  • Organic indicators of human waste in water such as caffeine, triclosan, galaxolide, tonalide, organophosphate flame retardants, and estrone
  • Explosives and their metabolites in soil and biota including TNT, ADNTs, DANTs, RDX, and bound residues

Fee Schedule

  • Technician labor: $20/ hour
  • Liquid/liquid water extraction: $50 (includes labor and supplies)
  • SPE water extraction: $40 (includes labor and supplies)
  • Soil extraction (soxhlet): $90 (includes labor and supplies)
  • Sample cleanup: $50 (includes labor and supplies)
  • GC/MS analysis: $50-$200 depending on number of analytes (includes labor and supplies)


Please contact Dr. Jason Belden for details:

Jason Belden, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Integrative Biology
Oklahoma State University
Email: jbelden@okstate.edu
Phone: 405-744-1718