Associate Professor
Parasite Ecology, Evolutionary Parasitology, Aquatic Parasitology

Teaching Assistant Professor
Systematics, Fish Morphology, and Phylogeography

Associate Professor
Ecology, Evolution, Limnology, Biogeochemistry

Assistant Professor
Macroevolution, Phylogenetic Comparative Biology, Functional Morphology and Biomechanics, Herpetology

Assistant Professor
Behavioral Ecology, Animal Communication, Sexual Selection, Bioacoustics

Associate Professor
Human Behavioral Ecology, Biological Anthropology, Evolutionary Medicine

Senior Associate Vice President for Research, Regents Professor, & Curator of Frozen Tissues
Phylogenetics, Phylogeography, Conservation Genetics, Genomics

Behavioral Ecology, Conservation Biology, Disease Ecology, Evolution

Assistant Professor (Jan. 2021)
Eco-Evolutionary, Speciation, and Landscape Genomics, Adaptive Radiations