Guin Wogan, Assistant Professor

Eco-Evolutionary, Speciation, and Landscape Genomics, Adaptive Radiations

Ph.D., 2011, University of California, Berkeley, Integrative Biology

Office: LSW 529/530



Specific Interests

My research is focused on understanding the interplay of environment-phenotype-genotype in in natural populations across both space and time. We use innovative techniques to quantify environmental and phenotypic diversity that we pair with genomic data to infer the patterns and processes underlying neutral and adaptive variation. We sometimes pair contemporary and historical sampling so we can quantify how these patterns and processes have shifted temporally in concert with Anthropogenic change. Recent research has centered on the adaptive radiation of Greater Antilles Anolis lizards, the adaptive and non-adaptive radiations of White-eyes (Zosterops), climate and biome change in South African aridlands and landscape genetics of resident birds, the Ensatina salamander ring species, and Southeast Asian amphibian and reptile diversity.


Selected Publications

  • Gillespie, R., B. Gordon, L. De Meester, R. C. Fleischer, L. Harmon, A. Hendry, M. Knope, J. Mallet, C. Martin, C. Parent, A. Patton, K. Pfennig, D. Rubinoff, D. Schluter, O. Seehausen, K. Shaw, E. Stacy, M. Stervander, J. Stroud, C. Wagner, G. O. U. Wogan. 2020. Comparing Adaptive Radiations Across Space, Time, and Taxa. Journal of Heredity 111:1-20.
  • G. O. U. Wogan, G. Voelker, G. Oatley, R. C. K. Bowie. 2020. Biome stability predicts the population structure of a Southern African aridland bird. Ecology and Evolution 10:4066-4081.
  • G. O. U. Wogan, M. L Yuan, D. L. Mahler, I. J. Wang. 2020. Genome-wide epigenetic isolation by environment in a widespread Anolis lizard. Molecular Ecology 29:40-55.
  • G. O. U. Wogan and I. J. Wang. 2018. The value of space-for-time substitution for studying fine-scale microevolutionary processes. Ecography 41:1456-1468.
  • M.W. Holmes*, T. T. Hammond*, G. O. U. Wogan*, R. E. Walsh, K. LaBarbera, E. A. Wommack, J. C. Crawford, F. M. Martins, K. L. Mack, L. M. Bloch, M.W. Nachman. 2016. Natural history collections as windows on evolutionary processes. Molecular Ecology v. 25: 864–881.
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