Andrew R. Dzialowski, Associate Professor.

Aquatic Ecology, Invasive Species, Zooplankton Community Structure, Reservoir Ecology.

Ph.D., 2003, University of Kansas


Lab website


Specific Interests

Research in my lab explores how biotic interactions, resource availability, and anthropogenic disturbances interact to influence the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems. My students and I combine laboratory, observational, and experimental studies to address several major themes:

  • Metacommunity dynamics
  • Ecology of invasive species
  • Zooplankton community structure
  • Ecology and management of cyanobacterial blooms
  • Wetland ecology and management
  • Water quality and reservoir management


Selected Publications

  • Mausbach, W.E. and A.R. Dzialowski (2019) Dispersal mitigates biologically-induced disturbances in heterogeneous metacommunities. Ecosphere, 10,
  • Dzialowski, A.R., I. Feniova, M. Rzepcki, J. Ejsmont-Karabin, V. Razlutskij, N. Majsak, I. Kostrzewska-Szlakowska, and V. Petrosyan (2018) Antagonistic effects of invasive zebra mussels and nutrient enrichment on algal and rotifer biomass. Aquatic Invasions, 13, 463-472.
  • Mausbach, W.E. and A.R. Dzialowski (2017) Environmental and ecological characteristics of freshwater and saline temporary pools along a longitudinal climate gradient in the Nebraska Sandhills, Nebraska, U.S.A. Inland Waters, 7, 372-382.
  • Bried, J.T., S.K. Jog, C.A. Davis, and A.R. Dzialowski (2016) Rapid buffer assessment fails to predict and classify wetland floristic quality in Oklahoma. Wetlands, 36, 799-805.
  • Starks, T.A., J.M. Long, and A.R. Dzialowski (2016) Community structure of age-0 fishes in paired mainstem and created shallow-water habitats in the lower Missouri River. River Research and Applications, 32, 753-762.
  • Bried, J.T., S.K. Jog, N.E. McIntyre, A.R. Dzialowski, and C.A. Davis (2015) Resident-immigrant dichotomy matters in classifying wetland site groups and metacommunities. Freshwater Biology, 60, 2248-2260.
  • Feniova, I., P. Davidowicz, M. Gladyshev, I. Kostrzewska-Szlakowska, M. Rzepecki, V. Razlutskij, N. Sushchik, N. Majsak, and A.R. Dzialowski (2015) Experimental effects of large bodied Daphnia, fish, and zebra mussels on cladoceran communities and size structure. Journal of Plankton Research, 37, 611-625.