Undergraduate Student Awards 2021

The 2021 Annual Integrative Biology Awards Celebration was cancelled this year due to COVID-19. However, through the generosity of our donors, we were still able to recognize our students with awards. 

VanPelt Alexis 150x150

Alexis Van Pelt

Dr. G. Michael Steelman Scholarship

Physiology senior


Koemel Crest 150x150

Crest Koemel

Delta Dental of Oklahoma Pre-Dentistry Scholarship

Biology junior


Rich Emma 150x150

Emma Rich

Dr. Raymond Dixon Scholarship

Biology junior


Nail Kayli 150x150

Kayli Nail

Dr. Raymond Dixon Scholarship in Rural Health

Biology senior


Nguyen Michelle 150x150

Michelle Nguyen

Hepner Family Scholarship

Physiology junior


Mitchell Audrey 150x150

Audrey Mitchell

Dr. Ron and Sharion Austin Family Scholarship in Rural Dentistry

Biology sophomore


Cole Alyssa 150x150

Alyssa Cole

Dr. Bryan P. Glass Student Award

Zoology senior


Hinshaw Bailey 150x150

Bailey Hinshaw

Outstanding Senior in Biology


BarriosPerez Carlos 150x150

Carlos Barrios Perez

Outstanding Senior in Physiology


Egizio Elizabeth 150x150

Elizabeth Egizio

Outstanding Senior in Zoology


Lindley Rebecca 150x150

Rebecca Lindley

Outstanding Junior

Physiology major


Kouplen Katie 150x150

Kate Kouplen

Outstanding Sophomore

Biology major