Research award to zoology graduate student

courtneyZoology graduate student Courtney Passow received the Vern Perish Award from the American Livebearer Association (ALA) for her work on elucidating the genetic basis of adaptation in extremophile mollies. ALA's mission is to gather, organize and disseminate the knowledge of livebearering fishes and to further the conservation of species and their natural habitat. The Vern Parish Fund was established in memory of Vern Parish, one of ALA's early stalwart members and a great friend and benefactor to many aquarists during his lifetime. It is awarded to individuals whose research and future potential contributions will add to the knowledge about and/or assist in the conservation of livebearing fishes. The Vern Parish Award not only helps to subsidize and to encourage conservation and student research of livebearing fishes but also gives status and visibility to the American Livebearer Association as a legitimate member of and contributor to the hobby and ichthyological communities. Courtney Passow currently is a Ph. D. student in Dr. Michael Tobler's lab.