Dr. Campbell Receives 4-year grant from NSF



The National Science Foundation has awarded a four year $720,000 grant to Dr. Polly Campbell, in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University. The project seeks to understand the role of imprinted genes in the development and regulation of three defining mammalian features: the placenta, maternal care, and the development of a complex brain. Imprinted genes are defined by their ‘parent-of-origin’ pattern of expression: some are expressed only from the maternally inherited copy and others only from the paternally inherited copy. Because imprinted genes are essential to both placental function and brain development, they are uniquely positioned to affect mother-offspring interactions, during both gestation and lactation, with lasting effects on adult brain function and behavior. In collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Grindstaff (Integrative Biology), and Dr. Charles Chen (Biochemistry), Campbell’s lab group will use whole genome expression and DNA methylation profiling, together with hormonal and behavioral assays, to explore the consequences of disrupted imprinting for mothers and their offspring. In collaboration with Dr. Julie Angle (College of Education) the Campbell lab will provide hands-on research experience for preservice and in-service teachers; trainees will develop lesson plans that will translate their experiences into classroom practice, with the long-term goal of enhancing scientific literacy and engagement in Oklahoma public schools. Congratulations Polly!