Chad Boeckman


Chad Boeckman, Ph.D. student.

Major advisor: Joe Bidwell.

Aquatic ecology, invasive species, aquatic invertebrates, environmental stress.


M.S. in Zoology 2005, Oklahoma State University.

Phone: 405-744-9691


Specific Interests

My current research is centered on zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha), specifically characterizing their population dynamics and potential effects on Oklahoma aquatic ecosystems.

Selected publications

Boeckman, C.J. and J.R. Bidwell. 2008. Status of freshwater native mussels (Unionidae) in the Oklahoma section of the Verdigris River after introduction of the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha, Pallas 1771). American Malacological Bulletin 25: 1-8.

Boeckman, C.J. and J.R. Bidwell. 2007. Spatial and seasonal variability in the water quality characteristics of an ephemeral wetland. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science 87: 45-54.

Boeckman, C.J. and J.R. Bidwell. 2006. The effects of temperature, suspended solids, and organic carbon on copper toxicity to two aquatic invertebrates. Water, Air and Soil Pollution. 171:185-202.