Jason B. Belden, Department Head and Professor

Environmental Toxicology, Ecotoxicology

Ph.D., 2003, Iowa State University

Phone: 405-744-5555

Email: jbelden@okstate.edu

Lab website


Specific Interests

My laboratory group investigates the effects of chemical contaminants on biota. We study both the environmental fate and effects of contaminants. Current projects include the effects of pesticides on amphibians and pollinators, the presence of carcinogens in playground soil, developing passive samplers to measure harmful algal toxins, understanding the toxicity of mixtures, and changes in susceptibility to environmental toxicants based on human-induced rapid environmental change.


Selected Publications

  • Morrison S, Nikolai S, Townsend D, Belden J. 2019. Distribution and bioavailability of trace metals in shallow sediments from Grand Lake, Oklahoma. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 76:31-41.
  • Belden JB, McMurry ST, Maul JD, Brain RA, Ghebremichael LT. 2018. Relative abundance trends of bird populations in high intensity croplands in the central United States. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 14:692-702.
  • Belden JB, Brain RA. 2018. Incorporating the joint toxicity of co-applied pesticides into the ecological risk assessment process. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 14:79-91.
  • Chapman PM, Brain RA, Belden JB, Forbes VE, Mebane CA, Hoke RA, Ankley GT, Soloman KR. 2018. Collaborative research among academia, business, and government. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 14:152-154.
  • Simpson AM, Jeyasingh PD, Belden JB. 2017. Assessment of biochemical mechanisms of tolerance to chlorypyrifos in ancient and contemporary Daphnia pulicaria genotypes. Aquatic Toxicology 193:122-127.
  • Simpson AM, Jeyasingh PD, Belden JB. 2017. Resurrection ecology and its utility in ecotoxicology. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 4:790-792.
  • Cusaac JPW, Mimbs WH, Belden JB, Smith LM, McMurry ST. 2017. Factors influencing the toxicity of Headline┬« fungicides to terrestrial stage toads. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 36:2679-2688.
  • Morrison SA, Belden JB. 2016. Characterization of performance reference compound kinetics and analyte sampling rate corrections under three flow regimes using POCIS-style nylon organic chemical integrative samplers. Journal of Chromatography A 1466:1-11.
  • Mimbs WH, Cusaac PW, Smith LM, McMurry ST, Belden JB. 2016. Occurrence of current-use fungicides and bifenthrin in Rainwater Basin wetlands. Chemosphere 159:275-281.