Donald P. French, Professor and Edward E. Bartlett Professor of Pedagogy in Integrative Biology and Co-Director, OSUTeach

Science Education, Behavioral Ecology, Fish, Invertebrates

Ph.D., 1985, Indiana University

Phone: 405-744-9690


Curriculum Vitae

Specific Interests

The focus of my scholarly activities at OSU has been on the impact of technology and methods of instruction on student attitude and performance. This work involves developing multimedia exercises, tutorials, and computer-controlled instruments or applying different methodologies and testing their impact on students in the lecture, in the laboratory, or on the internet through surveys, test scores, interviews or observations, particularly in introductory biology. I am interested in mentoring students whose interest is in teaching and doing research on teaching at the college level. My more "traditional" research interest, generally, has been in the proximate and ultimate causation of behavior, in particular agonistic behavior in fish and foraging behavior in crustaceans. Currently, my students are investigating students’ misconceptions in genetics at various points in college and factors affecting podcasting as a teaching tool in biology.

Selected Publications

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