Life science students are encouraged to participate in the many opportunities available during their undergraduate studies at OSU. Students can gain valuable research experience while working with other undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members in the Department of Zoology. Students are also encouraged to seek external internships, while they are completing OSU degrees.


Students that participate in undergraduate research may earn college credit (course number ZOOL 4700). Students are expected to contact faculty members (or graduate students) to inquire about the opportunities available. Students should not enroll until they have consent of the faculty member. Students can learn about the faculty member’s areas of interest at here.
Students may earn 1-4 credits (maximum of 4). Most faculty members expect the student to participate in the research experience for approximately 3 hours a week per credit hour during the regular (fall/spring) semester. Students should discuss faculty expectations and method of evaluation at the time of enrollment.


Students involved with off campus internships may be eligible to earn college credit (course number ZOOL 4710). A description of the expectations for earning 4710 credit is outlined in a separate document. Students should not enroll until receiving consent from the instructor, Dana Hatter. Students enrolled in 4710 may earn 1-3 credits (maximum of 3).

Zoo Internships

The Department of Zoology offers a course in Zoo Biology and Management (ZOOL 4533). This course provides students the opportunity to visit the zoos in Tulsa and Oklahoma City for a unique look behind the scenes. Following the course, students are able to intern at one of the zoos for college credit (ZOOL 4720). The course is offered every May. For more information, contact the Outreach office at 213 LSE or